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I am an artist and teacher based in Central New York and completed both a BFA and MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design and The Academy of Art University.

With a passion for nurturing creative minds, I bring over 15 years of dedicated experience to the realm of college art education. As an adept instructor, I have cultivated the artistic talents of countless students, specializing in drawing, painting, illustration, and animation. My journey in academia has been marked by a commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, where students not only hone their technical skills but also develop a profound understanding of the expressive power of visual arts.

Beyond the classroom studio, I also work in the illustration industry. My diverse and dynamic artistic journey has allowed me to create work for book covers, children's books, video game and board game art, playing card design, as well as animation for a leading marketing company. Drawing inspiration from the human form, character design, and my love of storytelling, my artwork embraces the nuances of emotion, relationships, and the human experience.


With a keen understanding of the contemporary demands of visual storytelling, I seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice. My hands-on experience in the industry informs every lesson, providing students with real-world insights and preparing them for the ever-evolving landscape of professional illustration.

Whether I'm imparting the foundations of design principles to a classroom of eager learners or collaborating with industry professionals to bring visual narratives to life, my commitment remains unwavering. The synergy between my roles as an educator and an active contributor to the illustration industry allows me to infuse cutting-edge techniques, trends, and practical wisdom into the academic world.


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